an essay concerning human understanding book 1 chapter 2

Essay II. John Locke i: Ideas and their origin. Chapter i: Ideas in general, and their origin. 1. Everyone is conscious to himself that he thinks; and when thinking is going on, the mind is engaged with ideas that it contains. So it's past doubt that men have in their minds various ideas, such as are those expressed by the.
Chapter ii: No innate ·speculative· principles in the mind. 1. Some people regard it as settled that there are in the understanding certain innate principles. These are conceived as primary notions [= 'first thoughts']—letters printed on the mind of man, so to speak—which the soul [= 'mind'; no religious implications] receives
Summary. Having developed in Book I his argument concerning the nonexistence of innate ideas, Locke undertakes in Book II to describe in detail the process by means of which ideas come to be present in human minds. His fundamental thesis is that experience alone is adequate to account for all the ideas included in
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Book II, chapters ix-xi: Faculties of the Mind · Book II, chapters xii-xxi: Complex Ideas of Modes · Book II, chapter XXIII: Ideas of Substances · Book II, chapters xxiv-xxvi: Ideas of Relation · Book II, chapters xxix-xxxii: Other Ways to Classify Ideas · Book III, chapter iii, sections 1-9: General Terms · Book III, Chapters iii-v: Sorts.
This version of Book II is about .75 of the length of the ... An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. By John Locke. Book II .... Chapter i: Ideas in general, and their origin. 1. Everyone is conscious to himself that he thinks; and when thinking is going on, the mind is engaged with ideas that it contains. So it's past doubt that
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke (First pubulished 1690) is a publi- cation of the Pennsylvania State University. This Portable Document file is furnished free and without any charge of any kind. Any person using this document file, for any purpose, and in any way does so at his or her own risk.
AN ESSAY concerning HUMAN UNDERSTANDING. IN FOUR BOOKS. to the right honourable THOMAS, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery,; THE EPISTLE to the READER. the CONTENTS. of HUMAN UNDERSTANDING. BOOK I. CHAP. I.: Introduction. CHAP. II.: No Innate Principles in the Mind. CHAP. III.: No Innate
2. Identity of substances. We have the ideas but of three sorts of substances: 1. God. 2. Finite intelligences. 3. Bodies. First, God is without beginning, eternal, unalterable, and everywhere, and therefore concerning his identity there can be no doubt. Secondly, Finite spirits having had each its determinate time and place of
1. This idea how got. 2. Power, active and passive. 3. Power includes relation. 4. The clearest idea of active power had from spirit. 5. Will and understanding two powers in mind or spirit. 6. Faculties, not real beings. 7. Whence the ideas of liberty and necessity. 8. Liberty, what. 9. Supposes understanding and will. 10.

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