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An Analysis of Conformity as the Basic Rule in the Poem "The Lottery". Since the beginning of time, man has conformed to society's rules and regulations to keep from having the label of “rebel” tattooed to his forehead and sometimes for stability, order, and safety. Although man can think for himself, his actions usually reflect
Any society is based on rules, laws, and regulations. Rules could not be functioned if individuals were free to do as they please. In general, societies are made of comprehensive rules in purpose to regulate the relation, life, and rights between people. Without rules societies will never become regulated and it will become
Rules essays Rules are a set of instructions and guidelines to help guide people.
Are rules necessary essaysMy opinion on this issue is that I do think that rules are necessary; there are a lot of reasons why we need rules in our society. Legal and non-legal rules are both needed in our community. Most legal rules are enforced to keep the individuals of this society to feel safe,
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Imagine a school with no rules and regulations. Would there be order inside the school premises? Would the students be disciplined and proper in behaving inside the school? Would a school still be called a school? Rules and regulations in a school are important, for these enable discipline for students, make a school
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